Tenant Information Sheet

In an effort to provide you with the best customer service, ensure your safety, and communicate with you more effectively, Building Management is requesting that you keep up-to-date Tenant Information Sheets on file.

Tenant Information Sheets

Please take some time to complete/update the Tenant Information Sheets (click here) for your suite(s). Perhaps you haven't updated these forms in a while or your staff has undergone some changes that will affect the accuracy of these documents. Having accurate information on file allows us to better serve your needs and prevents any untimely delays.

Below are links to the following forms for your review and processing:
• Employee Access Authorization List (click here)
• Tenant Emergency Contact Sheet (click here)
• Suite Warden and Fire Life Safety Information Sheet (click here)
• Fire Extinguishers Sheet (click here)
• Approved Vendor List (click here)
Kindly forward your completed forms to the Building Management Office via the Angus Work Order System. Please use the "Tenant Info Sheets" request type. Please follow the prompts in the system to attach the forms to the work order.

What is an Authorized Suite Contact?

• Authorized Suite Contacts are listed on the Tenant Emergency Contact Sheet as: Daily Contact, Executive Contact, Accounting Contact, and Emergency Contact.

• The purpose of an Authorized Suite Contact is to disseminate information from the Building Management Office to the company/tenant employees; alternately, to act as a liaison between the company/tenants employees and the Building Management Office.

• In most cases, the Authorized Suite Contact acts as an authority figure for after-hours access, approval of various work orders, HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) requests, coordination of office moves, etc. Building Management kindly reminds everyone that all types of requests including light bulb changes, hot/cold calls, etc. should be filtered through an Authorized Suite Contact in order to best accommodate you.

We look forward to receiving your updated documents and providing you with great customer service. Please feel free to contact us at (310) 789-2179 with any questions or concerns.